Celta Or Tefl Certification In Buenos Aires?


Nov 22, 2010
Does anyone know a good and inexpensive institute for getting the CELTA or TEFL certification in Buenos Aires? Thanks
I know one organization -- Bridge English. They have training facilities on Tucuman, near Calle Florida. Don't know how expensive it is.
get here and go visit them, there is no need to sign up before you get here and then you can check out the facilities. bring dollars as you will get discounts to pay in cash.

I did a CELTA course in Spain in 2001, if you are american/canadian and ever plan to teach in europe, i would do the CELTA, which has a better rep than the TEFL. Because we are illegal in Europe (here no one gives a shit), it gave me an advantage to brits who had tefl- however, being a chick with a rack really gives one an edge in either country.

if i were you i would get here, visit the different schools and make sure you ask what if any jobs they hook you up wiht after. as part of the training you will have to teach 'real' students- and most schools should have some ability to hook you up with gigs after.
Actually you can do the CELTA in Buenos Aires at International House - they're in Belgrano. They're cheaper than Bridge and do a proper CELTA course. They also have full time trainers so you know you're going to get a good course. Get ready for some intense hard work though!