Charities in Argentina


Jan 2, 2007
A friend of mine met a woman on the street, elderly, homeless & in need of help. I would like to point her towards a charity that might be able to take her in, give her basic necessities, etc.

Does anyone know a good charity? I've suggested checking with the local Catholic Church as they normally have programs but I don't know any other resources.

Thank you.
From what I've seen, almost any church in Argentina -- Roman, Greek, or Protestant -- will help those in need. There's also a nationwide charity (perhaps more than one, but I've seen advertising only for one, I think) that exists to help older homeless people; I'll try find out its name and address.
Thanks - if you come across the name, please let me know!
I haven't found it yet but will call down to friends or cousins this weekend. Someone will know, I think.
Fundacion Felices Los Niños helps poor children. Do a google search.
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