Cheap Furniture - Moving Sale Double Beds w/ Spring Mattresses, Wardrobes,


Apr 26, 2010
I'm moving this week and I've got a lot of furniture including two complete double beds, two wardrobes, a medicine cabinet, heaters, some blankets and lamps.

The beds are going for $200 pesos each (box spring with legs and mattress), the wardrobes are $300 a piece. I am happy to answer any questions or send links to photos.

I've got to have everything out of here by Sunday at the latest, and would prefer to get these things sold before then. They are priced to move!

You can reach me at kcrimini[at] for more information.

Thanks so much!

The wood one is great. The others are fine. Only $100 pesos - they're not the best ever made. Entirely servicable and sturdy. One is less than a year old.

Pics here:

I'm missing photos of one of the beds since I just decided (after my BF convinced me company could fend for themselved once we move) to sell it. Same price.

I really need a double bed if these are still available. Where abouts are you located? Im definitely interested and would love to scoop one up this week! Can you send photos? It would be awesome if you could email them to [email protected]. Thanks!