cheap 2nd hand furniture


Sep 8, 2009
hey...i have just moved to BA from UK literally in the last few days and i am wondering if anyone can let me know of a good place that i can pick up cheap 2nd hand furniture but in a decent condition!? any suggestions would be great...thanks.

I have seen on craigslist 2nd hand furniture from people leaving Argentina good luck
The Pulgas is a good start.

Its the old time flea market of furniture, on Dorrego and Niceto Vega, on the edge of Palermo Hollywood. Open every day, full of incredible characters, pickers and scroungers. de Pulgas.html

There are expensive antiques there- at half the price of the San Telmo antique stores- but there is also plenty of cheap used stuff of no particular provenance.

Most of the older stuff there is really solidly built, and has soul.

But if you insist on Ikea grade particleboard modern trash, you can also try Mercado Libre, the South America version of ebay-
hey...thanks for the advice...i´ll go wanting something with some character!!
There is also a thread on the forum from a few months ago if you use the search
Well, there´s a place in Once where they have A LOT of 2 hand furniture, old mainly.
I´ve seen, i think is in alsina y la rioja.