chicken broth?


Sep 9, 2008
can anyone tell me where to buy some chicken broth? i miss it so much and do not like the msg/flavor in the boullion granules!

muchas gracias,

You will find the Knorr and Maggi broth cubes at any grocery store/supermarket, or you can make your own ( takes some time but it is worth it )
If you can find the wonderful boxed chicken broth I long for from the states ...let me know! I have searched and searched and it's not to be found...even the canned variety..nope:(

I did buy some organic chicken granuals from the states while I was back and it serves the purpose...I do make my own when I make the time.

Also, if you do a roast chicken pour the drippings in a jar put in the frig uncovered until cool and you will have a nice gel, under the layer of fat, that you can add water to or use as is for cooking.
the cubes in arg. are mostly salt, because salt is cheap.
read the labels and if anyone out there finds chicken broth, i bet it will end up costing almost as much as a chicken.
Try the kosher-style restaurants in Once. They are not the cheapest, but still...I know "Al Galope" - Tucuman 2633 make a fairly good chicken soup. Tell them you want it caliente!
At least once a week I buy a whole baked chicken from the nearby Disco supermarket. They don't use any seasonings (or salt). I use the meat in a variety of dishes. I save and boil the skin and bones for about an hour (without any seasonings). Then I strain it and let it cool, later I put it in the fridge.After another hour or two (or even the next day) I skim off the fat and have enough broth for several other dishes.
That's a great idea to use the left over carcus that way...also noticed most stores...but for sure at Coto's you often times can find chicken carcuses for very cheap and that way you could just make a large pot of stock and feeze it for using add flavor I always put in onion, garlic, celery, carrots, bay leaf, peppercorns, fresh parlsey....and simmer for a few hours or put it in my large pressure cooker which cuts the time down.