Chicken, Chinese


Jun 18, 2005
Take a look at this shocking story from Atlanta in USA. Theres a new chinese restaurant in San Telmo run by Chinese. Its not very good. Ive eaten there a few times and thought the chicken in the chow mein was strange. seemed too perfect, no skin, no fat, just seemed a little odd. now when i read this, it makes me wonder. With no restaurant inspections here (i mean other than bribe collection), we have to be wary. take a look at these photos,
thanks a lot for that site. This kind of information exchange among expatriates is what message boards like this do best.
it was a friend back home who had sent me the info. originally about the atlanta restaurant. i mentioned to him that the chinese rest. wasnt very good (has anyone been there. its on piedras st. in san telmo, corner of calvos calvo).
maybe this city makes you paranoid, nothing can be trusted. still, if i eat there again, i think ill stick to the beef. hehehe