Christina Fernadez gets positive feedback


Jun 20, 2006
VIA Breitbart

Instead of bailing out banks and real estate speculators, what we’d like to see massive infusions of government cash go into is an infrastructure project similar to what Cristina Kirchner is doing in Argentina. The article above doesn’t detail what, specifically, Argentina is building, but here in the US we could develop wind farms in Texas and solar farms in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.
We could finally protect Louisiana, Mississippi, and Iowa from severe flooding by building, at last, levees that can withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at them.
In coastal areas, we could build tidal energy generators to harness the natural power of the oceans to generate electricity.
Vocational training programs could take students right out of high school and put them in well-paying, secure jobs for the rest of their lives in the green energy/technology sector.
It could be a modern day Tennessee Valley Authority that would reap dividends for YEARS going forward. And, in the case of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Iowa, save BILLIONS longterm in flood damage and other economic fallout from the increasingly more destructive hurricanes we have been having in our current climate cycle.
Kirchner has the right idea.
Too bad we don’t have a strong, forward-thinking, improved infrastructure and energy independence focused woman running this country.
Oh, wait, we COULD HAVE HAD THAT. Silly us.
Hope! Change!
Get real her and her husband and their circle of cronies will steal as much of the money as they can. Hopefully, the next government will seek justice and put them in jail where they belong assuming they haven't fled the country which is probably how this government will end.

Interesting they annouce this without mentioning how it will be paid for. Expats hold on to your wallets. Whose assets will they steal next to pay for this? Remember there is an election there next year, wonder if this has anything to do with this?
If I was to believe all the plans that Kircher cum suis have announced over the past years, we would be in paradise. All I hear from this goverment is plans, plans, plans. Nothing really gets done. On the contrary, the central government tries to obstruct the works of one of the few people that actually do want to change something: Mauricio Macri.