Coffee / lunch anyone?


Jan 19, 2008
I have been studing/working in Buenos Aires since september and is looking for someone who wants to take a coffee or lunch. I'm 32, swedish and living in Palermo. But is open for all ages and areas to meet in.
hi Emma,
if you're interested we go out today also with a other person from here to a typical Parilla in the neighborhood of Las Cañitas (between Palermo and Belgrano) at 21:30. I have sent you a short note too :)bye schef4711
Hi! I am Tanya, ukrainian, 34 y.o. Came to BA to work here n searching for people to go out. I live in Palermo n would like to join u for the dinner tonight.
Oeps, one hour to go before your meeting, that will be short I imagine! But if you have a good time and fix something for the days to come, could you tell me?
I'm from Belgium, 25 yrs!
hi pasqui, you got a note ... maybe 1/2 hour will be enough to reach us ... if not no problem because we plan to check out something similar next week :)bye schef4711
Hi,next meeting today (see newcomer forum) at 21:30 :) please read your email or notes :)
bye schef4711
Hey, looks like I missed your coffee/lunch. I moved here a couple of weeks ago too. I am an American 35 year old software engineer; I'm living in San Telmo. I would love to meet some people to go out with for nightlife stuff. email is [email protected] Ken
I've been in Palermo Viejo for 3 weeks now, and would really love to have a coffee or tea and/or a walk with other women. I am 54, American, mom of 2 children over 18. I'm here in BA until 1 August, with my husband, who is teaching a graduate maths course. Hope to hear from someone!