Colectivo to Olivos from Congreso de Tucuman


May 18, 2009
Maybe somebody here can help me. I start work tomorrow at the IBM building in Olivos. I was told to take subte línea D to Congreso de Tucuman and then take Colectivo línea 60. After looking up línea 60 online it seems like it goes to Tigre and not to Olivos. The address is Nicolás Repetto 3658. I am supposed to get off at San Lorenzo. Does anyone have any experience going to Olivos on the Colectivo??? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Olivos is before Tigre. It may be that 60 goes to Tigre ultimately (I believe you're right about that), but it will get to Olivos first.

Go take a look on and put in the address, including "Olivos" to make sure you get the right city's street name. Zoom out a bit and you can see Panamericana and how and where it splits.

I know the 57 line goes out to Pilar, but it passes by Olivos also, although goes to the left instead of to the right. But 57 has two lines - "Rapido" and "Diferencial." Unlike the name would suggest, you have to take the "Rapido" in order to get off at anything around Olivos because the "Diferencial" is actually an express to Pilar, while the "Rapido" is like a slow train to hell going all the way to Pilar.

I don't know if 60 has the same two different lines though, just a comment, in case.
Thanks ElQueso. Looking at the streets it runs on, I don't recognize any of them as being close-by streets on google maps. Using, it seems like colectivo 59 goes to San Lorenzo/Panamericana. Anyone take the 59? It seems like it runs on streets where I need to go, but can I get on at the end of subte line D, congreso de tucuman?
You can indeed take the 60 out there, I take it to my office which is right by the IBM building. The San Lorezno stop is right by Unicenter. There are actually a fair amount of bus lines that go out that way.

You'll have to tell the bus driver where you're going (not all 60s will stop there).

Be aware, it takes a *long* time on the bus
All the linea 60's have a board down in the left corner of the front window. You should take the one that says Panamericana por Flemming or just Panamarican. Dont take the one that says Maipu. Just in case ask, the driver if he stops at San Lorenzo or just IBM.
I've definitely taken the 15 back in from Martinez to my house in Canitas & I think the 59 as well (I usually take whichever comes first). I think it's 1.75 although I must confess, I haven't taken the bus in a while.
Hey Joe, funny thing, i work at the IBM Olivos Site as well heheeh. you take subway line D until congreso. Then you take the bus 60. There´s several different routes, you need to take any 60 that has the word "panamericana" on the front sign. you tell the driver you are going to the San Lorenzo stop. The stop is actually on the panamericana, not on the san lorenzo bridge (which crosses the panamericana right through). You will see a whole bunch of geeky looking kids (i may be one of them eheh) carrying their laptops on backpacks or laptop bags. They´re all going to the olivos site. You dont have to go across the panamericana, the builduings (3 orange, due to the bricks eheh, buildings) are on the same side the stop is. you will see a petrobras gas station and right next the olivos buildings. the street separating the gas station from the buildings is called jose ingenieros, that´s not the entry, the entry is from repetto street, which crosses jose ingenieros. After you get off the stop, you walk up a little hill and then you´ll encounter street blas parera, the next parallel street to it is repetto.
on a side note, at the congresso subway station, on Cabildo avenue, as soon as you walk out of the station, there´s a small movie theatre, well, everyday at 35 mins passed 7, 8, 9, or 10 there´s an IBM bus/trolley what goes straight to the olivos site. So, before taking the bus 60, when you get off the subway station, see if there´s a long line of the same geeky looking kids, if there is, 90% chances they are ibm (there´s another company that has its trolley stop there, but there´s usually very little ppl for them)and are waiting for the bus. If you see the line, ask anybody if that´s the ibm bus, if yes, get it, no one will ask you anything and if they do no problem, you are working for ibm hehe. if there´s no line (and it´xtime passed 30) it means the trolley is gone already, then take the bus.
Anyway, hope you get to read this post before you leave home tomorrow morning.
Good luck to you on your first day at work and most likely i´ll see you there :p

Juan - Just wanted to say thanks for posting such helpful advice!