collectivo to Jorge newberry airport?


Feb 15, 2009
How to get to Newberry airport by collectivo? The lonely planet just says its close to thecity!! Coming from down town the Obelisco or Ave de Mayo which is the best bus or buses and how long does it take?
Hey, from that area you can take colectivo 33 (in avenida Paseo Colon) o 45 and get of in Aeroparque (Newbery airport), it's 1,25 (make sure you have coins). From there it'll take 45 minutes depending on traffic.
Does the 33 go the other way too? Have some guests traveling from Newberry to San Telmo/Monserrat area. Or is there a shuttle bus? Thanks!
In you can find your way around with colectivos, underground and trains by typing start & destination points, it's very helpful as it indicates average travel times and you can see the itinerary in the map.
There's also an app for smartphones
If you have more than one guest arriving at the Aeroparque, Manuel Tienda Leon makes no sense at $30/person to Retiro. Just tell them to take a cab from the airport to San Telmo. It'll be about 60 pesos and get you door to door rather than leave the guests in Retiro and taking two subway lines with luggage!!

I never think collectivos with luggage is worth it (or safe).
Colectivos are totally safe. Especially those who come from ciudad universitaria (near the airport) to the centro. You also have the 160 which goes through Palermo and the 37 line 3 or 4 -dont remember well. Both go to Plaza Italia and the 37 goes from the airport to the congreso, taking Las Heras from the biggining to the end.