Commercial Banking / Finance



My name is Ryan and I'll be moving to Buenos Aires in October of this year. While I know this may seem a while from now, I thought I would start posting early. I am looking to meet contacts in the commercial banking, finance industries in Buenos Aires. I currently work for Bank of America's commercial banking division, and am responsible for a portfolio of 20 middle market commercial clients with revenue size ranging between $100mln and $30Bn. I have an extensive knowledge in bank financing, corporate financial analysis and risk management.

I have a minor in Spanish from college and was looking to gain international business experience through working/living in Buenos Aires. Please let me know if anyone is in this industry that might be able to give me some advice on finding a position in BsAs.

While any leads on a job would be greatly appreciated, I'm posting today to start meeting people and getting a lay of the land. My CV is available if you're interested.