Common misconceptions?


Jan 16, 2006
(about Welcome to my country thread -- forked)
It's funny to see people with less than 20 posts mouthing off about how they're sick of this and tired of that as if they think that they're the #1 thing that's keeping this forum going.
That's exactly what I feel about this.
This site is not about materials presented here. It is not about events that we have had in the past and will have in the future. It is about an opportunity that is given to you and the way how you use it.
Here you can reach hundreds of expats living in BA. That is if you have something to say.
We do not have professional writers, journalists, entertainers, moderators, community builders etc etc.
If you don't like the content it is because you have not written anything better.
If you didn't like some event, it is because you have not organized anything better.
I find it funny to see messages from people describing how they are better than others and in what ways and why they are too good for this site. May be you should watch some TV instead until you will be ready for something more interactive.
Everyone has an opinion and thats what makes Argentina such an interesting place.
Ive noticed lately that many regulars like Big Bad Wolf Nashorama Jc have stopped posting lately . If you start to control what people say it will just backfire on you as people feel the need to express how they see their realities here.
Most of the people who do post here reguarly are from Buenos Aires Argentina .
As a newbie to this site, I find that the information shared even the "bitching and moaning" is a valuable resource and if you have an opposing view and disagree then I want to hear what you have to say also. It's good to hear from the people who don't look at the world through rose-colored glasses. I'd hate to see this site censored just because some of the people don't agree with their postings. That you can say exactly what's on your mind is what makes this site so valuable and appreciated.
"It's good to hear from the people who don't look at the world through
rose-colored glasses. I'd hate to see this site censored just because
some of the people don't agree with their postings." Keep in mind some people have financial interest in promoting BA and Argentina as a cheap Paris. Some need to promote page after page, picture after picture, word after word as to how great it is and nothing about the other side. It's not very balanced. As the saying goes, if something sounds a little too good to be probably is. I agree with what your saying. If you start censoring unflattering comments about Argentina soon the board would turn into a kind of commercial. We all know how everyone feels about commercials. We tune them out or turn them off.
I did not really start this thread even though it may look as if I did and even though those remarks were mine but I stand by them, nobody is forced to use this forum so if somebody dislikes it then that person doesn't have to use it so there's no need to criticize others using it or to "threaten" departing it. I must say that I was not refering to what some would call bitching and moaning and others would call complaining about general issues regarding Argentina or Buenos Aires. I myself have plenty of issues with the place and I surely have at one time or another shared my feelings regarding those matters with the rest of the people using this forum.
I have found the forums to be helpful I came to BA for the first time in November. My first international trip, and I only stayed a week. I am coming back in July. I found the people and the area to be outstanding. I Live in Phoenix Arizona and BA was about as far away I could get from the desert. Keep the writing coming,,,and the people that are complaining could be living somewhere else.....well thanks for reading all of you have a great day.