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Jan 4, 2009
Does anyone know of a computer tech in BsAs who speaks English? I am having a lot of problems with my internet and was told by my internet provider that it is not a service I am trying to find someone who can come out here and help me figure this out. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Hi This guy was highly recomended to me. I have passed the recomendation on but recieved no feedback. As I say I have not used him but he was highly recomended, if you use him let me know.

Ignacio Tozzini [[email protected]].

Good luck
Hi Tango,

I could drop in while I'm in your area. I'm around every day, I'm the Argentinian Australian who owned his own computer service center in Sydney prior to moving to BA.
It's all a matter doing the correct testing, then isolating the issue.

And no I'm not planning to charge you for it.

Let me know.

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Yesterday, 08:55 AM

Emarie...Don't know if you found anyone...but here is someone that I am sure can help you!!

Just wanted to share some information on an honest, fairly priced and skilled computer repair company here in BA.

Gabak Technologies
[email protected]

*above is the link to the translated page.

The owners name is Gabriel and he is wonderful!! Even came over on a Sunday to help me out with an issue! He speaks English well and is from the Belgrano area.

He will do single repairs or even has an annual contract you can do for montly maintenance and repairs.

I wouldn't hesitate to call him again for any issues!!!