Conan spotted wandering around Palermo.....

Somebody should tell him that there’s a street named after him. O’Brien Street in Constitución, right next to the train station.
It's only two blocks long, not recommended after dark. It’s very popular with hookers. Somebody keeps stealing the street signs
so they keep putting them higher and higher. The big dancing club Radio Studios is on that street, very popular Friday and Saturday nights.
He was in the restaurant El Ferroviario a few days ago.
I don’t know who he is but they were quite happy on their Instagram feed that he was eating there.
From what I can gather he’s here with whoever he does his podcasts with possibly food and wine related?
I love him and his podcast. Sona, his assistant and one of the current podcast co-hosts is incredibly funny, too. How exciting. Can't wait to watch the episodes.
I thought you meant the famous dog, the one who is cloned...