Connecting Visitors, Expats and Locals

We're beginning to throw a weekly party for the purpose of providing a place for visitors, students abroad, and expats to connect together. It's in the Barrio Norte area, at 'The Spot' Ayacucho 1261, every Thursday beginning at 10pm. Check it out:
Has anyone gone to this? How do we "find" each other? Or do we all look like gringos? : )

Hope to see you all next Wednesday!

The guy who posted this ad is a DJ there. See event description for details.

I would love to come but is it true that the clubs in BA do not start until 2 am? If I can meet some expats starting at 10 pm, it would be great.

Anybody planning on hitting this up on Thursdy, or is it just assumed there will be a decent turnout? What time do people usually show up?
Regarding hours

As it is, the crowd runs late. People start wandering in a little before midnight and hang out until 4-5am.
Although the same music and venue will be there every Thursday, the EXPAT PARTY will be switched to a once a month event taking place on the last Thursday of the month.

Next one is Sept 29th.

Just a reminder, last Thursday is here so come out if you can make it.
I will come very soon to BA and as I can see that you are organizing party, I wonder where I can have an idea of the expat communauty, how many expat are leaving in BA ?
Can you help me on this ?
With my best regards,