Corrective eye surgery?


Iwaslukky said:
Nicole, how's your night vision? contrast? dry eyes seems to be the problem that most people complain about..
well I've never noticed a problem with night vision. My eyes get a litle dry when I stare at the computer screen too long, but still not enough to use drops or anything. FYI, I was 29 at the time & so blind I couldn't see the big E without squinting. Still no problems, but when I do , I will go back to him for sure. Someone I work with made such a big deal about geting my eyes done here. Said isomething about shopping Kmart. So she paid a ridiculous amount of money to get her eyes done in the States & a few months later she was squinting to look at something 5 feet away from her.


Brigadier said:
Why take risk??.... sure. In fact I notice that everyday somebody die in a car accident! I'll never use my car anymore (a lot of sence right?).

I believe the writer said that he wants to avoid wearing contacts, not that he urgently needs surgery to restore his vision! If I understood correctly, he sees perfectly well with contacts (and presumably with glasses) bit wants the convenience of not having to wear contacts. That makes this an unnecessary operation and incurs risk that is not necessary. That is how I see it. BTW, see an opthamologist and not an optician. The latter are not doctors. I believe you would be wise to go to the clinic on Parera that I recommended. They specialize in eyes and they are known outside of Argentina.