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Feb 3, 2006
I was in BA last year and everyone talked about great drs. and hospital. I live in Alaska, but was an expat for many years in Mexico City, long enough to know you're the best to ask about these things! So, if anyone has any info at all on cosmetic surgery in Argentina, please let me know what you know and think. Thank you so much, Lisa [email protected]
It all depends on the hands of whom you trust your health, I also know of close friends who have paid private doctors to have deliveries with infections and other complications and ended up at Buenos Aires hospitals fixing what Conneticut doctors had missed (cleaning the uterus after the delivery, sthg very basic). As for my sister she has had her only child in the Baptist Hospital (Miami), to ask for a nurse was hell she would come every now and then, she was changed her sheets once in a week (she had a c-section and is now due in febraury for her second child doubting whether to come here some months earlier to have her delivery in BA), hadn't she been accompanied her experience would have been rated as negative. Mine experience at GU Hospital rates as well from 1 to 10 no more than a 4, very unpersonal, very burocratic, I saw the doctor for about no more than 2 minutes, and I think that that was too much. I was taken care by a nurse, and no matter how well prepared he or she is he still is not a doctor.
Not everything is roses in the first world.
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Posted on: 12/10/2006 11:22 AM
Well I think I was really blessed to have found a charity
that helped me so much and is run by good people. They do everything
for free and referred me to a great surgeon (me and my mom in fact) and
they have a website called
founder is a guy called Philip, you can say Natalie Armstrong put you
in touch as he knows me very well, and basically helped me find a
genius of a surgeon to fix a surgery that had been badly done on my
first attempt. I am not sure if I can put the name of the surgeon here
as they work with doctors who are non commercial too and who dont
advertise on the internet) but if you go to their website you can find
out a lot of things and be put in the right direction. I had breast
augmentation and tummy tuck and my mom had full SMAS facelift, all
turned out better than we could have hoped. I always recommend them on
the internet as I think they are the unsung heroes of the industry
(especially in a place like Buenos Aires where there are many risks and
people are very keen to take our money and not so keen about being
thorough as far as our health and bodies are concerned in my experience)

Good luckNatty