Cranberries/late thanksgiving


Sep 7, 2009
Hey all-

So my friends and I are doing a late thanksgiving and I want cranberry sauce. One thing noone has mentioned in any of the cranberry threads is dried cranberries/crazins.

It is perfectly possible to use dried cranberries to make fresh cranberry sauce- you reconstitute them in boiling water before cooking them down. SO does anyone know where I can get dried cranberries?? Preferably without sugar coating- but with is ok if the other is not available- you just add less sugar when cooking. Do dietetica's carry dried fruit?

I see Craisins at Jumbo in Palermo pretty often. If that'll do for your sauce, just check the "American" section at Jumbo and you might find some.
I used blueberries instead and everyone loved it. simple recipe too. 1 cup of sugar dissolved in 1 cup of oj over med heat, add about 1.5-2 cups of blueberries and boil til the burst. then chill in fridge til ready to serve. takes about 10-15 mins
I remember seeing them in Kioscos down Santa Fe, however, they were small packages.
any cranberry/cranberry sauce sightings this year? Checked the Jumbos in Palermo and Caballito but no luck.
I bought 6 cans of Ocean Spray whole cranberry sauce at Jumbo a few months ago. It isn't as good as sauce made with fresh cranberries, but it isn't bad either--and you can doctor it up a bit. I don't know if they have any now, but it might be worth checking.
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