Sep 28, 2008
does anyone know where i might be able to buy fresh whole cranberries or even those in a can??
Last year about this time I found Ocean Spray canned cranberries...whole and also the jelly at Jumbo's. I bought 2 extra cans as I wanted to be sure to have some this Thanksgiving. I have never seen the fresh cranberry's...but if I do I will post here.

I haven't been to Jumbo's in a few months so not certain if this will be one of the few American items brought in for the holidays...You might try the large Carrfour stores too as they tend to cater towards American speciality items more than Jumbo's does these days.

Please post if you find any....if you do find the canned be prepared for them to be expensive.
Carrefour and Jumbo as of Sunday no cranberries, but Jumbo had Cranberry juice.
you should try walmart.. i have found lots of thing there ... like good peanut butter... fresh donuts...imported popcorn from the states and lots of other things.... there are outside of cap. fed. but it is worth it to try...
I tried the canned cranberry jelly last year and I can assure you that "dulce de membrillo" that they sell by the piece at any supermarket is almost identical :)
i need cranberry juice for cosmos and the occassional urinary tract problems...I have lived here a year and cannot find cranberry juice anywhere!! Why don't they grow them here?
i've seen cranberry juice at disco several times. it's like US$5 for a little 12oz bottle.
Cranberries are grown in bogs of would be very difficult to do that in the cooler regions of Argentina I would think you could ...

Cranberry Juice...saw it a Jumbo's, in Unicenter, they have it in the produce section near the wall with the unpackaged produce...and also when you first hit the "coffins"....meat coolers, where the pork is..right at the front on a corner end cap display...hope that makes sense:)

***they have the large liters not small bottles...
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