Credit cards with no foreign transaction fee

American Express Platinum is now foreign transaction free. Also British Airways Visa.
As of November, Discover Card will be foreign transaction fee free as well.... I don't think the card can be used in stores, though? Just an FYI for those in the U.S. who travel to countries where it can be used.
When I moved here two years ago, I think I remember that Charles Schwab offered a fee-free credit card without foreign transaction fees. I didn't get it so I'm not sure if it's still available, or if I'm even remembering correctly, but it'd be worth checking out for anyone who's in the market. (They also offer a checking account with a debit card that does not incur foreign transaction fees and refunds ATM fees.)
The cards reported on by the Points Guy are only the cards that you get bonus points (and typically free first year.
I preach on the topic for US peeps even just traveling often (or moving overseas):

Open a Schwab account to avoid any ATM or international/currency exchange fees
Get a Capital One card

That simple. Even if you've moved already, you can still go through the process of applying and use a family members US address. Then either have them mail them to you or if you want to be safe, pick them up during your next visit.

with all the $16AR fees I see appear at the ATMs, it's nice knowing they don't apply to me. That's usually about $60-$80AR a month savings for me.