Currency Exchange


Feb 13, 2010
Hello, im a new member to the site and i just arrived in Buenos Aires. I was wondering if someone could tell me where a good place to exchange US currency into pesos? Can i just go to any major bank with my passport and ask for the exchange?
HowardinBA said:
yes of,s good to have an idea of the daily rate,hope this helps

thanks for the reply Howard, i check xe every week. Do you know of any banks that will exchange at the xe rate without a bank account? or are there place that specialize in currency exchange?
I live and always exchange in San Isidro,I guess you,re downtown so I don,t know,sorry
Western Union at RioBama and SantaFe gave me 3.83 Itau was offering 3.75
Thanks for the info guys. I look forward to posting more. This was my first night in Buenos Aires and my brother and I had a great time at a club in palermo soho. :)
If you are in Palermo, there is a good exchange house on Scalabrini, left hand side going down towards the Santa Fe, sorry I do not know the exact address. Big board outside saying Compramos Oro.
If you head down to the financial district there are tons of banks within a three block walk that advertises their rates. You need a passport to exchange your money which is a little silly, but whatever.

Go towards the corner of Reconquista and Sarmiento. All the banks are on Sarmiento to the West. (look over towards Corrientes and N. Alem if you have trouble finding Reconquista and Sarmiento).

Good luck!