Current fine and bank hours at EZE for overstaying Visa

thanks for your answers.
However, if my flight is at 6am and the office to pay the overstay only opens at 7am, I guess I would lose the flight?!
Plan so you can go and pay a day before and stay at a hotel for the night and then take your flight the following day.
Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, (07:00 a 22:00 horas). First you go to immigration office at the airport. Hand your passport and tell them you need to pay the overstay fee. They give you a printout and you take it to the bank and pay. Then bank gives you a receipt. You take it back to the immigration office. Then they give you more papers. You give one to the airline at the check in. You give another one to the agent with your passport at the passport control. Don't wait for him or her to ask for the paper.
Does anyone know how much the fine for overstaying a tourist visa is these days (June 2024)? I just pay it at the airport before leaving correct? Which office? Anything else I need to know?