Customs Broker to bring dog from US to Argentina


Jan 2, 2009

Has anyone used a customs broker to bring their pet unaccompanied into
Argentina? I was originally supposed to accompany the dog, but now he
will be traveling here alone. I apparently need to have a customs
broker process some documentation for him before he arrives. I
haven't had much luck finding someone...just curious if anyone else
has been in this situation. Thanks in advance!

I used a company in the states and then one in BA to meet my cat at the airport and transport to our home...let me dig this info out and will post both for you tomorrow..

It cost about the same amount as a human plane ticket...but I have never been sorry for bringing my Solomon with us!
We used a place in the States that worked with a place here (Las Lunas). Here is a link to the States people. I can't recall the cost, but I can tell by the crates that 3/4 dogs weren't stressed. Our four dogs made it fine, our turtle is still waiting on the permit.
The gal I used in the states was great! Here is her email: [email protected]

She took care of everything...and helped a great deal in setting up what vacinations and paper work I needed prior to the size kennel, etc.

She also worked with Las Lunas..seems to be the main company here that handles picking up your animals at the airport and transporting them to your home. They do have English speaking employees there as well.

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