Cycling Help Needed


Jan 4, 2010
Hello all and Happy New Year!

I arrived in BA on the 29th and will start Spanish school at UBA on Wed. I am on holiday from Business School and have brought my road bike with me. I am currently racing for my school's team and need to know where road bikers go for long rides? If anyone knows anyone that cycles by themselves, with a team or as part of a group in BA I would really appreciate an introduction.

You can email me at [email protected]

All the best,

Hi Brandon,
In the Sport Club on Libertador Y Larralde there is a team of triathletes. On Tues/Thurs & Sat they train on road bikes at the KDT (short circuit but no cars) or Parque Sarmiento (longer but I think with some cars). If you want to get in touch with them let me know and I'll PM the phone #.
Hi Brandon,
I do a lot of riding just outside of Buenos Aires. I live in Mercedes and enjoy the ride from Mercedes to Lujan and back. It's about 80 K and takes me about 3 hours. If you stick to the frontage roads (collectoras) there's not much traffic. I suggest getting outside of the city, maybe by train and go. Good luck