cycling in BsAs


Mar 10, 2007
Howdy y'all, I'm a newcomer to Buenos Aires, coming from Atlanta, Ga. back in the States. Am planning on being here a while teaching English conversation, but aside from this I was wondering if there are any avid ex-pat cyclists out there who crave to ride like I do? I was riding almost everyday back in the States, but obviously here that doesn't seem that probable due to suicide traffic conditions. Nonetheless, I figure there have to be some quiet areas and/or group rides some place in this metropolis. I just want to find them! Also, does anybody know anywhere or anyone who is by chance selling a road bike here in the city? If so, let me know b/c I'm dying to get back on the saddle! Any help greatly appreciated
BA is a very dangerous city to ride in as there is no enforcement of any traffic laws.
Further, my personal experience with bike lanes is in san telmo. Av. Independencia has had a bike lane with signs posted and the lane marked out with bike symbols etc the entire time ive been here. It never enforced. its used for parking cars and driving. in essence, its just pretend. its a pretend bike lane. if you pointed this out to a cop standing there, he would just laugh.
i suggest riding in the nature reserve or puerto madero area. at least youre less likely to get hit. if you do get hit though, the cops just take a report and if they were standing right there when it happened, they will say they were looking the other way. Youre wise to be wary.
Puerto Madero is quite for biking, not a lot of travel there. The other side of the river there is a brilliant national park which is very nice for biking
Palermo is also really nice for bikers
hey try this place it's called Nuevo Circuito they have a banked indoor velodrome they rent bikes to use looks cheap 1or2 bucks an hour and .75 cents to enter,maybe we can hook up comeing in April would be great to find someone to ride with.the location is some place in Palermo phone number 48076141
Try the KDT (closed velodromo), located behind Paseo Alcorta on Salguero Street
Parque Manuel Belgrano (Ex KDT), Palermo
Dirección: Salguero 3450 (y avenida Costanera). Teléfono: 4807-7700 4807-7918/4807-7879
Cómo llegar: colectivos: 130, 67 y 102.
Días y horarios: martes a viernes, de 10 a 19; sábados y domingos, de 10 a 20
and don't you dare cycle in BA with imported bikes + the frency of our traffic
Even at the KDT (I train for marathons with people who bike there) beware because it can get pretty packed. Remember lights and helmets. We argentines are not so diligent and on their last outing there were some injured. The national selection trains there and so do many many amateurs.