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Sep 22, 2012
Saturday, 01 August

In Argentina, Swine Flu Means Early Curtain Call[NPR]
In Argentina, swine flu has killed more than 160 people — more than Mexico, where the epidemic began, and the highest death toll outside the United States. The spread of the disease has public health officials scrambling, and it has hurt an economy...

Friday, 31 July

First International Fair for record collectors in Buenos Aires[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The 1st International Record Fair of Buenos Aires (1ra Feria Internacional de Coleccionismo Discografico) will take place on August 7, 8 and 9, 2009, at the Pavilion 4 of Costa Salguero Exhibiti...

Manu Chao supports psych hospital in Argentina[Miapogeo]
Manu Chao's latest music project 'La Colifata' is named after an Argentine radio station that is based out of a Buenos Aires psychiatric hospital. Welcome to crazy town...

Thursday, 30 July

ISO a dentist[Yillabean]
I didn't have any students today, so i spent my day looking for a dentist in buenos aires. when i visited the states i made an appointment with my dentist because i was having some pain. an old fill...

MACN - Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales - Part 1[Buenos Aires Photographer - High Res Images of Buenos Aires]
The Natural Science museum in Buenos Aires [or MACN ] is located in Parque Centenario which is between Caballito and Villa Crespo, roughly in the geographic center of Capital Federal. It shouldn'...

Wednesday, 29 July

City tours on the XXI Century[travelling Buenos Aires]
Besides of looking for streets, of showing satellite images, of allowing its users to upload pictures and comments about any point of the Earth, now Google maps also suggests city tours...

Lost in an Abyss of Drugs, and Entangled by Poverty[NY Times]
After 15 months in a rehabilitation clinic battling his addiction to paco, a highly addictive drug that has laid waste to thousands of lives in this country, Mr. Eche returned to Ciudad Oculta...
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