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Sep 22, 2012
Tuesday, 04 August

photos: bomberos[Yillabean]
"Bomberos" means Firefighters. In Buenos Aires there are no American looking fire hydrants on the sidewalks. Instead the fire hydrants are located beneath the sidewalk or on the outside of a buildin...

BA Brothels Using Google Maps To Lure Johns[The Argentine Post]
Buenos Aires is known more for its tango than for its prostitutes. But the oldest profession in the world is almost as legal here as the seductive dance. And now it’s not just milongas and tango theaters that have their own maps.

Home-made Bomb Goes off in Downtown Buenos Aires[The Argentimes]
A bomb went off last night at Chilean airline LAN’s Buenos Aires office, damaging the building. The explosion, in front of the office located on the corner of Cerrito y Paraguay in downtown Buenos Air...

Argentine Soccer Season Is Suspended[NY Times]
The kickoff to the Argentine soccer season was put on hold indefinitely on Tuesday while the game's national governing body sought a solution to clubs' massive debts...

Monday, 03 August

Moca Cultural Center Eco Design Store[TreeHugger]
...Moca Cultural Center, a new space for emerging art in the south of Buenos Aires located inside of a recycled factory and equipped with many of that factory's vintage furniture...

Sunday, 02 August

Crime Statistics Show Improvement Again[The Argentine Post]
Though still a serious concern, violent crime seems to have become a bit less of a problem last month, according to a new study. Torcuarto Di Tella University’s latest crime “victimization...

Charity auction of Argentine art[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Make-A-Wish Argentina announces the third edition of "Soñarte, sueños pintados”, a solidarity project for which 40 Argentine artists painted a dream to be auctioned in benefit of the Foundation. T...

The city of good food, protests and swine flu[The Life Less Travelled]
The entrance to the Subte (the Subte -rrainean rail network of Buenos Aires) showing a warning about the Gripe A (H1N1) i.e. Swine Flu... Ooooo! It was great to be back in Buenos...

Divers recover treasure from Argentina shipwreck[Monterey County Herald]
Divers have concluded a mission to retrieve 9.5 tons of unrefined gold and silver worth nearly $22 million from a shipwreck off southern Argentina...
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