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Sep 22, 2012
Friday, 07 August

Historic photo exhibit: Darwin in Argentina[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Centro Cultural Borges presents the historic-photographic exhibition "Darwin in Argentina" , honoring the renowned English scientist and his journey through Argentina. The year 2009 has been de...

Argentine faithful pray for jobs as poverty soars[Google News | AP]
Now even the Pope says Argentina's sharp rise in poverty is a "scandal," and the government has been forced to agree, with former president Nestor Kirchner offering new poverty numbers that would represent a 50 percent rise this year alone.

Amnesty Deadline Looms For Argentina Tax Evaders; No Extension [WSJ]
The amnesty began on March 1, aiming to spur investment through the recovery of Argentine funds hidden by individuals overseas, in safety deposit boxes or under mattresses. It also grants both individuals and corporations a moratorium on the fines and interest owed on unpaid taxes.

The Little Prince at the Planetarium[The Argentimes]
Large green snakes slithering across the stage, singing, dancing pink flowers and the remnants of a broken plane in the center of it all. Not the usual scene you would expect from a visit to the plane...

Teatro Colón offers free concert for children[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On Sunday, August 9, 2009, at 5.00 pm , the Teatro Colòn Orchestra will offer a free concert specially destined for kids, in celebration of children's day, at Teatro Coliseo. The Orchestra, conducte...

Thursday, 06 August

Argentine Inertia: the Presence of the Past[The Argentimes]
As a North American citizen living in Buenos Aires, there’s a certain amount of fitting in that I feel compelled to do. I’ve started gesticulating more. I paint my nails. I arrive just the right amoun...

Wednesday, 05 August

Argentine Swine Flu Deaths Double[The Argentimes]
Argentine health authorities announced Wednesday that swine flu deaths have more than doubled in the last month. The death toll has now climbed to 337 from 137 on 14 July. Deputy health minister Máxim...

The General System vs Monotributo[Investing and Doing Business in Argentina]
Today I received a comment from a reader about the advantages / disadvantages of starting a sole proprietorship under the monotributo system (which I have recommended) vs the general tax system. Rea...
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