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Sep 22, 2012
Friday, 12 December
Wide Open Spaces[SaltShaker]
 A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me. I’m afraid of widths.”
- Stephen Wright, comedian

The Bells of Buenos Aires Concert[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The government of the City of Buenos Aires announces a Bell Concert, as closing of the program Primavera Buenos Aires, at 8:30 PM next Saturday, December 13, 2008. In total, 53 bells will be u...

Buenos Aires Scrooges Forced to Rescind Ban on Christmas Carolers[Latin American Herald Tribune]
The resolution alleged that singing carols "will produce negative effects on pedestrians and neighbors" and it said that it was the authorities' duty to defend the public space to safeguard "morality, health, security and the urban esthetic."

Thursday, 11 December

Cristina, Obama, Light Bulbs & The New Deal[The Argentine Post]
Mark my words: In the near future, Argentine President Cristina Fernández will say she was the first to do it. And she’ll be right.
A year ago Fernández announced plans to buy millions of...

My First Born Child for a Package[micheleandtom.com]
I had no idea that picking up a package in Baires would be so complicated!
Upon arriving at the central post office, the whole Offermann-Reeves clan entered a smallish room with postal clerks ...

Tango Day[Blog travelling Buenos Aires]
There is a music Porteños know by heart, unconsciously, from the cradle. Some are fans, others state they do not like it, but all of them, as the legend says, rise their heads and let a tear roll...

the spanish plan[Yillabean]
Now that I'm finished with my Spanish lessons, I need to keep practicing if I want to improve. I have a couple ideas that don't require a lot of money. Conversation Exchange http://www.conve...

Fabric in Once[Buenos Aires Photographer]
Fabric store on the corner of Junin and Lavalle in Once. I like the chain.

Wednesday, 10 December

Daily Pic 46 : Subte Tunnel[The Silver River]

Japanese Art Festival[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Argentina and Japan will celebrate 110 years of the Friendship, Commerce and Navigation Treaty this weekend at Centro Cultural Borges .* More than 500 works of Japanese art will be displayed.* Oi...

10,000 bone fragments found in former Argentine detention center[CNN]
More than 10,000 charred bone fragments were found buried at the site of a former Argentine government detention center, the first find of its kind at one of the secret centers, Argentine officials said.
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