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Sep 22, 2012
Friday, 19 December

How Would We Pack for BA Now?[micheleandtom.com]
1. Tampons (I laid in an 8 month supply!)
2. Pans (We brought two All Clad pans with us, a stock pot and a frying pan.)

Festival Buen Día[Buenos Aires through my eyes]
Hi there. I don feel like writing, so I just want to let you know about Buen Día festival: http://www.festivalbuendia.net/ It's tomorrow (saturday 20th) so cancell your lame plans and just go t...

Living Nativity Scene in Avenida de Mayo[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On Saturday, December 20, at 8:30 PM , organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the Asociación Amigos de la Avenida de Mayo, and the Archbishopric of Buenos Aires, a Living Nativi...

Thursday, 18 December

250 grams of helado please[Yillabean]
this morning i defrosted the freezer. does anyone do this anymore?? i needed clear instructions for the process. during the 2 hours it took, the fridge needed to be off and the freezer door left open...

Stroll Up the Avenue[SaltShaker]
 We would drive up the Avenue, but we haven’t got the price
We would skate up the Avenue, but there isn’t any ice
We would ride on a bicycle, but we haven’t got a bike So w...

if I hadn't come to Argentina...[earth and starrs]
I may never have: tasted locoto and maracúya failed to learn Hebrew for the third and fourth time adjusted to the evening starting at 11, 12 or 1am remembered how frustrating it is to be stu...

if I hadn't come to Argentina...[Newsvine]
Argentine soccer player Gaston Aguirre killed a pigeon with a single shot — right off his foot. "I kicked the ball and, poor pigeon,...

Wednesday, 17 December

why do people look at art?[Yillabean]
This morning I met with a friend. We went for a cup of coffee and some 'medialunas' (croissants). We went to a cafe and sat at a small table along the sidewalk under some trees. (10 pesos ($3) the ...

Night in Microcentro & Congreso[Buenos Aires Photographer]
Last night I walked around the microcentro and Congreso with my friend Fabio acting as my bodyguard. Here's the Obelisk. It was about 11pm and like any summer night, the streets were full of ...

Tuesday, 16 December

Argentine Tourism Declines In October[The Argentine Post]

Tourism took a big hit in October as the number of people visiting Argentina fell 6.5% from the previous year, the national statistics agency, INDEC, said Monday.*
INDEC’s measurement is ...

Iron Maiden to Rock BA[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Heavy metal rockers Iron Maiden will headline in the Quilmes Rock Festival in March of 2009.* The event will be held at River Plate Stadium and will also feature Radiohead and the popular Argentine...

US Court Freezes Argentina’s Assets[Argentina's Travel Guide]
In December of 2001, Argentina defaulted on more than $100 billion dollars in debts to foreign bondholders due to the economic crisis .* After the recent successful nationalization of more than $2...

Ho Ho Hot[Buenos Aires Photographer]
Santa Claus in Abasto shopping mall. What this photograph doesn't convey is that outside it's 34 degrees C [90-ish F]. Thankfully for poor Santa it is air conditioned in the mall.

Peru Beach[Buenos Aires Photographer]
Peru Beach is not a beach nor is it in Peru. It's a sports complex on the river front in the posh, northern suburb of San Isidro.

La Bomba[Yillabean]
Tonight my roommate and I went to see a percussion band, LaBomba de Tiempo . It took place in an outside area, where at one time, there must have been an old factory. It was in the middle of an old...

Monday, 15 December

park, parking and hammer pants[Yillabean]
(Monday, December 15, 2008) I rented 'Evita' last night with an iTunes gift card that I got from my friend Rob, (thanks Rob). I didn't like the movie though, so I only watched 1/2. I thought it ...

buenos aires at night[WeGIF]
The view from my brother apartament...
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