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Sep 22, 2012
Friday, 26 December

Lunfardo Lessions In HD: Coima[The Argentine Post]
Here is the latest installment of the Scooping Argentina lunfardo lessions. This one involves the word “coima,” which is a noun meaning “a bribe.” As a verb,...

Fiscal Chaos Aside, Start-Ups Bloom in Argentina[NY Times]
Even in the best of times, Felix Racca faced a formidable task — trying to build a new class of entrepreneurs in a country known for cozy cronyism and political melodrama. And now, the Argentine angel investor ...

End of the year celebration with free concerts on Avenida de Mayo[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On Saturday, December 27, at 9:00 PM , Mora Godoy will present her tango dancing show. Next, the Orquesta del Tango de Buenos Aires, will display the best of its repertoire with the voice of Marcelo...

Thursday, 25 December

Shall we dance? Protocol of the tango hall[CNN]
Dancing the tango in Argentina takes more than just a command of the steps and some semblance of rhythm. You also need to understand the subtle signals that regulate life in a milonga, or tango hall, where tradition still holds great sway.

mate and medialunas[Yillabean]
mate (pronounced - ma-tay) is a traditional Argentine drink, somewhat like coffee and tea is traditional in the states. today i drank my first mate in the park wi...

Wednesday, 24 December

Official presentation of the Dakar Rally 2009 in Tigre[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The vehicles and pilots that will be participating in the Dakar Rally Argentina-Chile 2009 will be presented in the city of Tigre, north of Buenos Aires, next Monday, December 29th , in a mega-eve...

Tuesday, 23 December

Yo soy tu gatita[Buenos Aires Photographer]
This blog needs more Cute. So here's an adorable kitty in a shop window on Borges. So as not to offend anyone, I'll try to rustle up some puppy pictures. Looking at this picture, I can't get La F...

Plaza San Martín and its surroundings[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Plaza San Martín (San Martín Square) , in Retiro Neighborhood , is one of the oldest and more beautiful parks in the city. It is bounded by Libertador Ave, Maipú St, Santa Fe Ave, and Leandro N ...

Mixed Messages On Argentina’s New Entrance Fee[The Argentine Post]
To the best of my knowledge, the Argentine government has yet to determine exactly how it will implement its new entrance fee system. A Foreign Ministry official told me yesterday that visitors w...

Monday, 22 December

Daily Pic 65 : Filming[The Silver River]
Stumbled across this on Sunday. I think they were filming a car advert. Well at least there were many Volkswagon's with German number plates involved.

Sunday, 21 December

Fernet Branca and Coke[Irish Expat in Buenos Aires]
I had a bit of a late one last night as my sister-in-law and some friends threw a joint party. OK, I can see you now envisioning cigarette papers and a pungent recogniseable smokey aroma but alas no,...

Real-life Mowgli kept alive by cats[Daily Telegraph]
The boy, whose ordeal mirrors that of the character Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Book, was discovered by police in Misiones, in Argentina, surrounded by eight wild cats.
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