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Sep 22, 2012
Friday, 05 December

Is that too much?[Buenos Aires Daily]
Oh my god! Look at the size of this tarta [cake]. This must be the biggest cake I’ve seen. I have no idea what it’s called, so if anyone know its name and what it has inside, please ...

Mendoza: ola de asaltos a turistas extranjeros[Clarin]
Cónsules extranjeros en Mendoza coincidieron en manifestar su preocupación por ... en un aumento en los asaltos a turistas de otros países...

Thursday, 04 December

Manu Chao "La Vida Tombola" with Diego Maradona[People Star]
Manu Chao sings his song "La Vida Tombola" from his album "La Radiolina" to football legend Diego Maradona in the streets of Buenos Aires...

Film factbook: Argentine cinema[CNN]
In Argentina, the renaissance marks a return to form for a cinematic tradition that was prolific and highly successful until creativity was stifled by ...

Difunta Correa[Buenos Aires Photographer]
Escaping the humidity of Buenos Aires I traveled to the province of San Juan, in part to visit the sactuary to Difunta Correa, a popular saint in Argentina, not recognized by the Catholic church...

Visiting Patagonia (El Calafate and Ushuaia)[Discover Buenos Aires]
Last week we had a chance to take our first trip in Argentina with my brother, John, and his girlfriend, Elizabeth, who were visiting from Michigan.* It was their first trip out of the U.S., so it wa...

It's all the excitement I can handle[The Silver River]
We moved! Finally we are out of the horrid apartment. Although I loved the area (Arenales y Ecuador) the apartment was kinda skanky. No light, never felt clean, a kitchen that was unusable. But now we...

OpeniMac offers cut-rate, aesthetically challenged Apple clones direct from Argentina[Engadget]
After seeing how well Psystar did with its Open Computer, we think we'll just build our own Hackintosh rather than jump into this OpeniMac we've recently been hepped to.

Dakar gets South American unveiling[AFP]
The 2009 Dakar Rally, which has been transplanted from Africa to Argentina and Chile because of security fears, was officially unveiled here on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 03 December

Sunny day[Yillabean]
Things are better. The sun is out too. Today when I arrived to class the building's electric was out, so we went to a bar until 11:30. It made things more fun. We...

La Bomba de Tiempo[micheleandtom.com]
Ian and his fellow drum ensemble members made their performance and directorial debut on Monday, opening for the very popular La Bomba de Tiempo drumming concert that happens every Monday.

Girl Power[As Belgrano Byrnes...]
There was a meeting of beautiful minds here in Buenos Aires yesterday. Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (center) arranged a brief encounter between the world’s most famous hosta...

Argentine peso hits new low; bonds, stocks inch up[Reuters]
Argentina's peso currency extended its losses against the U.S. dollar on Wednesday on persistent demand for safe-haven greenbacks...

Tuesday, 02 December

Uruguay Challenges Argentina’s Reign in Wine[Argentina's Travel Guide]
The Los Angeles Times reports on the growing prowess of the wineries of Argentina’s northern neighbor .* The small country’s Juanico region is composed almost entirely of vineyards- ...

Argentina’s President Vetoes Law to Protect Glaciers[Red Green and Blue]
On November 11th, Argentinian President Cristina Fernández vetoed a previously passed bill aimed at protecting Argentina’s glaciers....
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