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Sep 22, 2012
Tuesday, 01 September

World Press Photo 2009 in Buenos Aires[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Every year following the World Press Photo Contest, the winning images go on show around 80 cities worldwide, starting in Amsterdam as part of the prize-giving ceremony in April, until March the foll...

Living In Buenos Aires: The Identity Crisis That Isnt[TangoSpam:La Vida Con Deby]
This was first published on Blogcritics.org 8/31/09 I am not Argentine. I am an American. I live in Argentina. I have lived here for almost 5 years. I feel disconnected from American life, and i...

Old Cars in Almagro[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Pics of BA]
I love the color of this Fiat 600 and the way the dark green ficus above shelters and frames it.

Monday, 31 August

Testing the iPhone 3GS in Argentina[The Argentine Post]
Two of Argentina’s top cellular phone companies – Movistar and Claro – last week said they will start selling the new iPhone 3Gs in Argentina. I’ve been testing the new 32GB......

One Hundred Years of Argentine Cinema[travelling Buenos Aires]
What a long century the last one was! It looks like events were concentrated. Historians agree that historical periods are getting shorter. According to Eric Hobsbawm, “the short twentieth centur...

Wikimania 2009[Beatrice M's blog]
Patricio Lorente , originally uploaded by blmurch . I have been a dues-paying member of Argentina Wikimedia chapter since April 2009, but I have been part of the group since 2007 when I was...

Plastic Bags Banned In City Of Buenos Aires[The Argentimes]
Last week, legislators in the capital unanimously approved a law banning the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and other convenience stores in Buenos Aires. Supermarkets will have four years to comp...

Exhibit on Teatro Colón Restoration Works[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The center for the Interpretation of Restoration Works of Teatro Colón (Centro de Interpretación Vivencial) is now open to the public. In this space visitors can learn about the progress of the re...

Japanese Couple Wins Tango Championship[The Argentine Post]
Hiroshi and Kyoto Yamao danced their way into greatness Saturday night, winning the World Tango Championship here in Buenos Aires.The Japanese husband and wife team won in the “Salon...

Pimp My Colectivo[LandingPadBAYour Alternative Guide to Buenos Aires »]
Sometimes I get the feeling that Pimp My Ride has gotten a hold of the inside of my colectivo. There’s just something about that crunked-out visor fringe and mother of pearl steering wheel that gets ...

Sunday, 30 August

Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ In Argentina[The Argentine Post]
The famed culinary expert and funny-man food entertainer Anthony Bourdain hosted a special on Argentina a while back. It’s from his excellent show No Reservations. If you like food and like...

Are You Listening, La Presidenta? The People Have Spoken[blogcritics.org]
Argentine politics are complex. Especially when you need to learn about them in another language. I don’t read the Wall Street Journal and Mary O’Grady to get my opinions. She would probably prefer to colonize Latin America ...

Grog XD prank on Channel 5 News[LucasNews]
A group of people made a prank on C5N TV news network by sending them an email denouncing existence of a drink with absurd ingredients. Look what happened...

Mafalda regresa a su casa de Buenos Aires[El Referente]
Mafalda, la protagonista de la tira cómica argentina más internacional, regresa hoy en forma de escultura al lugar en el que estaban ambientadas sus aventuras...

Saturday, 29 August

How to Bounce Back from a Freak Robbery[LandingPadBAYour Alternative Guide to Buenos Aires »]
Standing in a foreign country, not able to speak the local language, with no money, no credit cards, no passport, no nothing. Just wondering what the hell just happened. This was me a few weeks ago a...

CFK Gaffes Highlight Risks Of Ad-Hoc Speeches[The Argentine Post]
President Cristina Fernández is famous for her ability to speak extemporaneously. She can speak for lengthy periods and expound on complex issues – without notes – with ease. She often...

Friday, 28 August

Dripping-Freezing Fridge Rant[micheleandtom.com]
What is up with the refrigerators in Argentina? They go through various freezing and thawing cycles that ruin all of our food by either a) freezing it; or b) dripping on it while the refrigera...
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