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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 21 September

balcony protest[Yillabean]
after work i met up with a friend, on our walk back to our apartments we heard a bunch of noise in our neighborhood. i slowed down looking closely for something, anything that could be making the all...

Tips on how to attract the illusive ladies of Buenos Aires[LandingPadBA]
Alright fellas! You made it to Buenos Aires! Let me guess. After a delicious and generous portion of carne, you’ll be heading to the nightclubs to pursue the one thing that truly brought you to ...

Your Business' Official Address[Investing and Doing Business in Argentina]
When registering your new business for the first time in Argentina, you will be asked to prove that your business is operating at a certain location. However, it is not enough to simply declare your a...

Maradona's Job Security[constantlyoffside.com]
We debate whether or not the legend Maradona should keep his job as the head coach of Argentina for these last two games and going forward.

Buenos Aires is world's fourth noisiest city: report [Xinhua]
Buenos Aires was ranked the fourth noisiest city in the world, with heavy traffic as one of the major factor to blame.

Sunday, 20 September

Birthday Party, Argentina Style[micheleandtom.com]
Our second party this last Friday was Zelda and Sofia’s joint celebration of birth, commemorated with the Hello Kitty and Pukka cakes that are pictured here. Zelda’s portion of Pa...

Drug violence rising in Argentina [Aljazeera]
Argentina has always been considered a transit country for drugs. Now Argentina is a destination for trafficking, drug-related violence is spiralling (video).

Saturday, 19 September

Italian Police Seize Maradona’s Earrings[The Argentimes]
Italian police have seized earrings from Argentina’s football coach Diego Maradona. The jewellery, which is reportedly worth 4,000 euros, is intended to compensate for a 37 million euro debt in unpaid...

Friday, 18 September

Video: Oscar the Boxer, Argentina’s World Famous Dog[The Argentine Post]
The star of the video is Oscar the Boxer, an absolutely adorable resident of Buenos Aires. He may even be one of your neighbors.

From Alaska to Argentina on a bike[Crazy Journeys]
Ten-year-old twin brothers from Boise, Idaho, pedaled away from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in June 2008 with their parents. In approximately two and a half years, they plan to arrive at the southern tip of South America
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