Darrens little intro...


Feb 1, 2009
Hello All!

Myself and business partner had enough of the rain etc in Guildford U.K and thought we'd see if we could run our internet based business from B.A. So far so good. Currently in Recoleta but already thinking about moving to Palermo as there seems to be more going on for two single gents who enoy bars, restaurants and socialising.

Would be great to meet up with anyone for advice and a laugh.

Hopefully see some of you at the Lunch on Tuesday.

Darren & Tim
Hi Darren I should be arriving in BA middle of february, I'm a .Net programmer and would like to make as many contacts as possible, so hopefully we can meet up sometime when I arrive for advice and a laugh.

Hey Darren, guess we had the same idea - I fled the cold of nyc and just arrived here in BA to work on my software business amongst other things. I am staying in Palermo Hollywood and am looking forward to checking out the bars/restaurants/etc. in the area. I'll be at the lunch mañana - See you there.

hey Darren,
while I am probably not as computer literate as yourself, I do enjoy bars and socialising, and heard that Palermo is THE place for that! I'm an aussie travelling solo, comming to Buenos Aires feb 11th for 1 week, and was hoping to meet a few mates while I am there! I'll be staying in San Telmo while I am there. :)

90% of people are more computer literate than me!
Give me a shout when you get here and we'll sort something out for sure.....