Here's A Little Story...

mc kenna

Jul 16, 2013
Everything started over a month ago, i have been remodeling a house that i'm getting ready to sell, and spending a bit of money doing so.
One of the problems in this hick town is that people talk a little to much, with that in mind i was very careful about my rutine and movements in and out of the house.
I was in the middle of the project and a sunday night i'm coming back to the ranch late, almost midnight,thinking what was i going to have for dinner.... all of the sudden i get rearended by this newer bigger truck, this was not a little bump, for some me reason i got into my head it was the old classic, i bump into you, you stop , we rob you, have a nice evening type of thing... so i decided to not stop and drive away thinking the other driver would get my license plate and i could solve everything over the phone with my insurance agent... but oh no noonoono as i drive away the other truck, which turned out to be a vw amarok speeds up and tries to cut me off, so now my defensive driving kicks in, as i'm thinking this guy does not want to exchange details about the ''accident'' by the aggresive behavior of his driving on a newer truck .In my mind this indicated that 4 dudes were about to step off the truck and'' not be nice to me'', so i drive faster and he, of course keeps up trying to cut me off in a manner where now i'm certain i'm gonna get my ass kicked all the way to next week. So now i started to escape this fine but very nervous driver and his compadres i assumed . The chase goes on for a good 5 to maybe 10 minutes , i would lose him by manuvering defensibly ,but his more powerfull faster truck always catches up with me, until he is able to pass me and cuts me off , by now we are on rural dirt roads, so there he is getting out of his truck as i slam on the bakes and punch it in reverse to put some distance between us, i don't see anyone else getting off the truck ,but i knew he wasn't alone,since i caught a glimpse of someone else moving on the passanger side, so he is coming at me screaming something along the lines of i'll kick your ass and kill you and also there were words regarding my mother, i then ,with this distance between us i told him to quit chasing me, that he wrecked my truck and it was his fault and if he kept chasing i had the means to defend myself......... so i punched forward this time and got by his truck before he could get back in it, thinking that was it..........
That was my mistake , as i sped away i see him coming even faster than before catching up with me,now, i'm out in the boondocks trying to lose this guy(s)and i know i can't out run him with my pos nissan, i go for my phone, but apparently had flown off who knows where with the first impact,..... the chase now got even more aggresive, trying to run me off the road and every little dirty driving trick you can think of..... unfortunally for him i could forsee his move before he made it(20 plus years of driving commercial ain't something you forget)but my little nissan hit top end and this guys is coming at me like i'm standing still, so after another 10 minutes of high speeds chase coming around the corners sideways and things of that nature i made a turn and it was a long straight away, and then right then i knew i was royally fooked, it took him maybe a couple of minutes of playing cat and mouse and as i'm thinking there are a couple of things that can happen now, one, he is gonna start shooting at me or two, he might do the pit manuver....... i didn't finish that thought when he hits me again from behind and of course i fish tailed and rolled the truck........ so now i'm waiting for him to finish me off, i ended sideways driver side down,looking up at the passanger window waiting to see the barrel of a gun , all the while i'm scrambling trying to get my dogs off of me(i had my girls with me) and trying to locate my phone and or my gun........ to my surprise i hear the other truck peel off at a high rate of speed....... made no sense to me, this dude chased me for damn near half hour and now he is leaving???so now i'm thinking he is going to hit me with the truck again?but harder? he is going to bring more people to finish me off?wtf?..... i get out of the truck as fast as i can when i start to smell fuel..... i get the girls out , i found my phone, which for some reason turned itself off and got my gun, by now i don't even know where i am as i'm thinking what i'm gonna tell the 911 operator when my phone comes back on......but no such luck.. by now i'm looking down the dark deserted road i see 2 sets of headlights coming my way fast, i figured that was it for me... so i hid behind the truck best i could keeping the girls with me , that's when i noticed everything hurts, no blood but pretty banged one of the trucks stays behind, typical i think that's the back up, and the other one comes to take the kill shot......the one truck rolls to a stop at about 10 to 15 yards from me high beams on, i can't see much but i do see the other truck creeping slowly from the 100 yards where they had stopped........ so now what?
i don't have a shot and i don't know for certain these are the people that chased me, i can't start blasting away.. in a last ditch effort to avoid a shoot out , while hidding behind the truck i showed the profile of the pistol to let them know there was going to be a shoot out , that's when i heard two pistols being cocked, so now i know i'm dead. Two shooters, i know at that distance i knew for a fact i could take one out but there were at least two there plus the back up truck, that for all i knew they were probably already flanking me as i'm distracted with these 2 shooters....... i peeked out of the truck for a split second to find me first target and that's when one of them flicked the roof lights on........... it was the cops???wtf how did they get there so fast??? i didn't call
Apparently this guy or his girlfriend i later found out was with him must have called the cops
And they sure did, except the guy claimed i had pointed a gun at him when he tried to approach me........ that was enough for the police to detain me put the cuffs on and took me down town, so i spent all that night at the police station, the next day( no sleep) they took me to mercedes to meet my lawyer and tell my side of the story..... after that to the assistant DA they took my deposition, declaration or how ever they call it back in cuffs and back to chivilcoy.
I was informed i was gonna see the DA and the judge within 5 days, meantime i was held in a cell with 8 other guys and without exagerating i swear it was pretty much midnight express deccor, holly shit!!! this place was bad as bad can be 8 guys to a cell meant for 4 maybe?, the guys were great i have to say, no sooner i was thown in they welcome me asked me if i was ok and if i had any family which i don't other than my brother back in California, so they made room for me right of way, they also showed me what they had to share as one of the guys is showing me the food they had another dude offers me a smoke.... godddddd i sooo needed that smoke so then someone gives me a towel and a pair of short and also flip flops since it musta been 100 degrees in there ,i got out of my street clothes and they showed me where i could shower (that day cold water only) but worked out just fine,so the next four days came and went not soon enough i must say( eventhou the guys were great)so back to mercedes to see the judge and the DA, we arrived there and had to wait for ever in cuffs inside a cell with other fine specimens like me lol
I get to see the judge the da and my lawyer and they decided to grant me house arrest until all the investigation of the crash is finished(which hasn't started yet )my truck and his truck are still in the impound and no word when this is gonna end.......... so house arrest for now , way the hell better then the cell......
Oh i just noticed, no this is not an april fools crap. :cool: true story
So much for the quiet country life. Well at least you are back home... what a crazy story.

What was the other guy's story? He hit you on accident and wanted to exchange info or what? Why chase you like that?

I hope your legal issues resolve quickly, despite how things usually work here. :/
Frankly, I don't know how you put up with it for so long.

We were waiting for you at Frenchie's and you called it off because they tried to rob you. This is the second or third story about attempting to assault you at your place that I remember.

Forget the remodeling and sell as fast as you can.
WTF I didn't know it could get that crazy in Chivilcoy.... and I always tell my hubby we should go there.;)
So with hindsight ... do you think it would have been better to stop after the first bump ?
And maybe settle for a robbery ? assuming that's all they wanted.
I'm not familiar with this part of the country.
Did you recognize the people on the other truck ? Get their plate number ?
Oh i just noticed, no this is not an april fools crap. :cool: true story

It's certainly not! I visited your town MANY years ago for the day. From your story I see that certain locals have not changed their attitudes much. Sorry to hear of your predicament and hope it can be resolved in your favor.