Dealings with Chase Bank....


Feb 11, 2008
Our bank just got bought by Chase....wondering how they are to deal with...says "coming no ATM fees"....just don't know "yet" it that's answers...

Appreciate any info on them...good?? bad??? whatever....

Another happy Wamu customer? :)

According to this page Chase charges 3.5% + 3USD per foreign ATM withdrawal. So, when you get out 300 pesos it will be about 20 pesos charge.

Time to get another checking account?

On a positive side I've heard good things about their online banking features (they are one of a few banks that have online wire transfer, for example).
We have chase. The online banking is great, but if we use the ATM here we get a $3.00 fee for international use. If you stay with Chase, be sure to read the differences in checking accounts. Some of them charge if you don't maintain a certain balance.:confused:
Even if you're not that happy with Chase at the moment I would just stay with them for the time being since I hear there's going to be more shake-ups with certain US Banks. I would just wait till it all seems to have settled down a bit. BTW, the top 3 Banks in the US at the moment (would consider them the safest) - CHASE/BANK of AMERICA/WELLS FARGO. Some of the smaller ones might get swallowed up eventually, I've read different things but no one knows for sure at this time of course. Dudester