Delivery Sushi?


Jan 17, 2010
What's the best? My friends recommended the sushi club, any opinions?
Hi, Philip,

I highly recommend Che Sushi for delivery (I use them all the time so frequently that I think I keep them in business! :)) Their prices are quite decent, too. They have various locations throughout Capital Federal so the wait time is usually pretty fast, and the food is delicious!

Their website is:

Hope this helps!
Hmmm looks like I made the wrong choice as far as prices go but we'll see how it tastes.
if u want cheap sushi delivered: che sushi or sushi pop, if u want premium sushi go for sushi chub or furusato
It always kills me that there seems to be no maguro, no hamachi, no unagi, no kurodai, no uni, no saba- basically, none of the sushi that I actually eat, to be found in BsAs.

Cream Cheese?

I have seen many of these fish for sale here, I know you can get em- but no sushi place is willing to take the leap and serve real sushi.

Olsen, on the other hand serves an incredible sushi grade seared tuna (maguro in disguise)
Scandinavian Sushi?
There is only one Sushi place that I can recommend TO Japanese serves incredible variety of sushi with tuna . white fish and other delectable varities. They are located on Costa Rica and Arevelo Palermo Hollywood