dental hygeniest

Karin Schwendtner

May 23, 2009
I am looking for a dentist or dental hygienist in order to have my teeth professionally cleaned and bleached.

Any suggestions?
I also need a solid recommendation for a GREAT dentist. Need professional cleaning and possibly some more extensive work.
I know an english speaking dentist in Flores, just 1/2 block from Plaza Flores & Rivadavia. He does cleanings and whitenings.

Dr. Fabrizzio Zaldivar
Yerbal 2553
[email protected]
English speaking is not a major requirement. I can manage in Spanish. My need is for professional competence (don't want either a brand new doc or one that is two steps from the grave) has a great deal of patience and the latest equipment.
You might want to see Dr. Cantarini and his team ( they also work with major health insurance companies ) No English tough, he is a dentistry professor at uni too.

Cantarini, Carlos Y Equipo
Cuerpo Odontologico
Av. Santa Fe 3373 9º A / Capital Federal / Capital Federal
4824-9082 / 4821-2620
Anyone know of any English speaking Dentists in the North end?? Say Martinez, San Isidro and the likes. Thanks for any suggestions!!
It is also important to find a dentist with good bedside manners. I once had to go to a dentist who was always on the phone so he wasted a great deal of my time. (not to mention I was anxious like h*ll)...

Dentist West Covina | Dental Visalia
I always take somenthing for my nervous when I go to the dentist`s it make feel better and the dentist works better I have these only when I go to the dentist`s in my case I take Plidex.
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