Did Trump save Venezuela?

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I note that Roger Waters - of Pink Floyd fame, also of Israel "apartheid" infamy - is contributing his 2 cents to the debate:


(NOTE: Not offering an opinion regarding @camberiu's position that any external action will necessarily make things work. Are there no exceptions? Had Germany not invaded Poland, should Hitler have been given free rein over Germany/Austria?)

But at any rate, Mr. Waters is decidedly not making @camberiu's argument. No, he's saying that they have a “real democracy” when they absolutely do not.
  • Either Mr Waters is so committed to the rule that any position the imperialist US adopts is ipso facto wrong, and vice versa, that he is completely blinded to the collosal level of human suffering that has been unleashed by the Maduro regime,
  • Or he knows it all, and is simply full of shit.
  • I do not see any third option here.
Frankly, I am kinda gratified that these are the kind of people leading the fight against Israel.
To quote FDR, “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made”.


Trump and Bolton are twin morons and neither idiot understands foreign policy. They think sanctions are the answer to every international situation.
Bolton is not a moron. One may disagree with his bellicose neo-con stance but he's not stupid. Bolton has spelt out what's involved for the US very clearly: access to Venezuelan oil reserves for US oil giants. Companies like Chevron and Halliburton are very interested and Chevron has operated in Venezuela for a long time.


USA's interest in Venezuela is not humanitarian -- that's the usual threadbare camouflage. Its interest is in the oil (naturally). The problem is that the oil Venezuela now has is not the best:


This is arguably a key factor in the condition the country now finds itself in (though I wouldn't discount corruption, nepotism. and incompetence).

Going forward I expect these resource wars to intensify. Michael Klare's book, The Race for What's Left is still a good read for context and perspective.
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I don't agree with point #1, but all the rest is spot on. The International Community, specially the US, tend to be very selectively outraged by autocratic regimes. It seems that authoritarian countries are only bad if not operating under the US thumb.
Again, I am not a supporter of Maduro by any stretch of the imagination, but I find any talk of intervention in Venezuela highly hypocritical.



that meme is ridiculous. you believe the US has economic control of saudi's oil reserves?
Yeah. It is the US who backs the Saudi Regime. Without it it would have long toppled. What do you think 1990's Operation Desert Shield was?
The main issue here is that in terms of human rights and oppression, Saudi Arabia is even worse than Venezuela. Most of the 9/11 attackers came from Saudi Arabia. The radicalization of Islam in Southeast Asia is financed by them. Shit they even have the country named after the ruling family. Yet, I see little to no international outage against them or any calls for intervention.
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