Dining partners


Jan 3, 2007
I am tired of dining alone and wanted to know if anyone was interested in occasionally joining me for dinner? I usually eat at my home (in Barrio Norte), but tend to go out a couple of nights per week. I usually read when dining, but (1) I'm bored and (2) I ran out of reading material.

I'm not looking to establish a formal dining group; however if others are looking for a dining partner PM me.

Here's a brief bio Sergio:

I am a(n) (north) american from the Seattle area currently living in Barrio Norte. I am on sabbatical from my job through 2009 am am living down here to improve my Spanish, explore more of the country and to take in Argentine culture.

I have been coming to Argentina since 1990. Three years ago my wife and I purchased an apartment in the city with the intention of taking a sabbatical and living down here for a while. My wife is back in the states and I've been "re-introduced" to bachelor living (how do I work my stove!!??).

During my undergraduate years I worked as a veterinary assistant and my wife is a veterinarian, which means I am a big animal (dog) lover (hence my previous post to accompany dog-owners on their walks).

I have lived in many parts of the States and have traveled extensively in Latin America, Europe and parts of Asia.

We've formed a loose group of people that have just started meeting for supper. This Saturday we're meeting for lunch. If you'd like to know more let me know. Obviously, there are a lot of us who get tired of eating alone. Just started working this forum - others don't know about it. Come out and find us!
Cool, I love animals and thought I wanted to be a vet for a while.. I am a landscape architecture student who lives in San Telmo, writing my thesis, and it would be great to get together a small group of people for social dinners (or maybe even potlucks.. I like to cook.)
hello to all of you.
I live in Belgrano, i would like to meet you to have dinner together.
i am argentine, divorced and my sons have their own life.
if you want to practise spanish I can help you