Discount domestic flights


Jul 13, 2005
Does anyone know about getting discount domestic air tickets? I know there is an airpass for Brazil -- is there an equivalent for Argentina? Also if you have an ISIC card is it true you can get Argentinian rates on flights? And for those of us who aren't exactly students anymore, do you know if it's possible to buy an ISIC card anywhere in Buenos Aires? (last time I bought one was from a little kid in Syria...)

Thanks for the help!
Aerolineas Argentinas has 2 special programs: South American Pass and Visit Argentina. I believe that "Visit Argentina" requires purchase of an internation ticket from them.

Check prices of individual flights at also. They have special discounts for students.
Have a look on the STA Travel Site

You need to purchase these before you leave your home country. And a lot of the passes require that you fly on their airline into the country in order to get the pass, in which case it can end up not being a very good deal when your entire flight costs are considered )for me flying Aerolineas Argentina from Vancovuer would have cost me $1000 more than the flight I ended up buying).

You can also check out the Mecosur pass, not sure what the deal is with it exactly