Do Argentines Know the meaning of fresh


"Tomokoar" said:
As I understand, the Argentians do not like to have scones and cakes too warm.
They wait for them cold and they have...
They love home- made milanesas and pizzas cold, too.
I keep wondering what kind of places you are shopping from...since I was a little child, people used to go very early in the morning to the baker stores to get their fresh warm bread and croissants, and very early in the afternoon for warm pastries and scones. Cold milanesas and pizza is a porteño favorite that works only for leftovers.


"sergio" said:
. . . . There is one "national" brand of preserves sold at Disco that consists of fruit only. It's rather expensive but much better than the rest.
What's the label, Sergio?


As for escones and cakes like biscochuelo, my family people do not like that my daughters and I start to eat just out of the oven. They suggest we have to wait cold, because get much more delicious but no a day off off course, maybe it will be one argentinian family and not for all.
In bakeries, thay sell good pasteries and breads, if they do not have enough products, I ask if its posible to put some a day off bread but saying sorry and give me discount.
In any case , as like Tangobob this is a kind of observation.
As for fruits and vegetables, for me very good, but if you want really fresh one
go to the Mercado Central near from Ezeiza. you have to buy too much for small number people but worth going if you have time and the transportation by which get there and with whom share...


Have you guys not found Natural Deli in Belgrano yet ( - fresh organic veg, freshly baked scones/bread, run by a Brit expat called Mike, and (I think) with a 10% discount to users of this site, I once saw? Set up entirely to cater for people who don't fancy the sun-baked taste of unsourced rotting veg! Go on, try it, I was convinced (and no, I'm not on commission!).


I've found Verde Brote (si recuerdo correctamente como se llama), also in Belgrano, to offer a fine, if limited and expensive, variety of organic and other natural foods and medicaments. Nice people, good location, and (perhaps just barely) affordable on a regular basis.


I have to say that Belgrano offers the most choices in Foods as well as being one of the most beautiful areas of Buenos Aires.
It is a joy to visit this neighbourhood on a weekend and take a walk on its gorgeous tree lined Streets. I took my family who were visiting here recently and they were most enamoured by Belgrano Residencial.


Quoting "pericles":

". . . . I took my family who were visiting here recently and they were most enamoured by Belgrano Residencial."
Of the commonly visited barrios of Buenos Aires, Belgrano "R" most resembles the residential areas of American cities (other than the megalopoli of New York, etc.), I think. That's helped more than a few Americans and Canadians feel more comfortable in the C.F.