Do most Argentinians not let their dogs sleep inside?


I'd say most urban dogs have full access to their homes and, regardless of their size, sleep on if not inside the master bed.
Suburban dogs are likely to sleep inside.
Country dogs sleep anyehere they can.

We pamper our dogs as much as we can afford. They rank high in the close family tree.

Had a dachshund once, born on my bed and died in my arms like 17 years later, who traveled Europe with the family extensively. Peed on the Parthenon and took a dump at El Prado, just to mention a couple of sites. He was ruler of the master bed and my parents had to make do with the room left. Usually his body was all in and his balls and rear legs, upside down, sticking out. Breathing.

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Well if you're talking about the dogs across the street from my apartment, no. The residents sleep in their little house and let their dogs bark all day and all night.

I'm about to write something out and Spanish and hand it to them next time I seem them leaving. My Spanish isn't good enough to speak to them peacefully about this subject.

Only thing is, I'm the only one that seems to care... which concerns me that I'm the one that's wrong in this situation.


I don't know where their dogs sleep, but I know that they let their dogs shit absolutely EVERYWHERE. And I thought the Parisians were bad. Good grief.
The dog shit in the street was getting so much better pre pandemic. It was noticeably better. Now, no one is picking up dog poop. It's like this courtesy has disappeared with the arrival of the virus.