Dog Lover


Aug 16, 2006
Ola, to all. Im looking to move to BA in October, however Im hoping to bring my dog with me, Ive looked into air transportation, immigration etc.. but really need advice about renting property with pets. Its appears that most rental property are apartments are there any dog friendly rental property available?? I wouldnt mind living in the suburbs as long as there are good transport links. I would really appreciate any help with this matter.
Thanks a million, Charlotte...currently living in rainy Manchester UK looking forward to pastures new and hopefully meeting some of you xx
Hi Charlotte. I moved here about 4 months ago with my dog Joey. It was a little bit more challenging finding an apartment that allows dogs, but totally possible. I had to pay an extra month in rent as a security deposit for the dog. I don't know if it helped, but I told my landlord that she is a trained therapy dog and very well behaved. Usually money talks, so if you're willing to pay a little bit extra, you shouldn't have any problems. I don't know what your plans are here, but I don't know if living in the suburbs will be that much fun. Check out craigslist for apts, that's how i found mine. Good luck. Bianca
Thanks Bianca, thats a load off my mind. Im sure if I search long enough I will find somewhere ideal for both me and the dog. Ive got my 2nd interview for the job next week so I'll have more information then about the location of the office and when Im likely to be moving, and no doubt I'll be posting some more pleas for help.
Building on Bianca´s comments it does depend on your traval plans. Since you come in October you enter the 6 month summer season where in my opinion the best choice is in the suburbs, where daytime activities are highly sought after, and it´s noticably cooler than the "cement jungle". Not to mention night time when you can go out readily here, PLUS take the train to town which can get you there in 20-30 min equal to or faster than within the city itself, especially nights out, where traffic is complicated to say the least.
For an "up-to-6-8-month-trip" I wouldn`t doubt recommending the greener, quieter, cleaner aired, suburbs, Such as La Lucila or Martinez where I live. Its full of apts near the station, and I see owners with dogs in all of them so it´s just a matter of asking the real-estate agent right in my building what they can find in the area, that is if you wish to know.
If you plan to stay year-round, well then it depends more on your personal situation. As a couple or family, this area still could be your choice, since you don´t need to go out that often and kids and dogs love having a garden. But as a single female (or male) it makes more sense to be closer to the "action" in the city, more so in winter, where its easier to walk in and out, and flag a cab anytime.
If you clarify your situation I can be of further assistance, such as asking a single female visitor who recently arrived with her dog, about her rental right off a major downtown park.
I didn't have to pay anything extra and I brought my dog (who is also a pitbull; always rental problems). I found allot of places that took dogs too but also allot that didn't... i turned them down usually because they weren't near any grass (at all). I found a studio with a balcony in a nice neighborhood and right next to a park (near recoletta) for pretty cheap compared to most these hellish apartment rates here. I don't think id want to live in a neighborhood without a park with my dog.. the traffic and people and the millions of dogs here has been really traumatic for her but shes adapting better than I am.

As far as Transportation -

This applies in the US but might be similar in the UK: one major thing before coming though it that you HAVE to get the paperwork from your veterinarian notarized at your local department of agriculture (or whatever it is in the UK) to get them approved for Argentina.. no matter what anyone says (because i had lots of problems and phone calls to make and everyone said something different) you should not need to go to the Argentine consulate. If you plan to go through Brazil.. even for a short layover.. you most likely will have to figure out how to get the paperwork from your vet then to the Brazilian Consulate in the nearest major city within 7 days before your trip. (ask the airline if you have to check your bags there or not because your dog will be considered luggage if its under the plane, if they're not checking you don't have to show paperwork). No earlier than 7 days for Brazil but its 10 days before for Argentina if that's the only one you need. I had no issues at customs whatsoever with my Argentina paperwork.. they barely glanced at it. IT costs $15-20 pesos right when you enter with your dog. You also need to ask your vet for the international form and they may still have to write out the rabies information in Spanish if the form does not have Spanish on it. My USDA provided what the vet needed ti write in Spanish on a form they faxed to him. I found all this out 2 days before i left and almost lost it. No one site or person seems to know all this info.. the consulates.. the USDA, the vets.. maybe i should make a website? ha ha

good luck. :)
My boyfriend and I are planning to move to BA next year with our two big dogs - your posts have been very helpful. In regards to flying with your pets, did you sedate them? I'm getting very nervous for the long flight.
Also, what is the most dog friendly neighborhood you've all come across?
As long as you pick up the poop when you take your dog for a walk, I think any neighborhood is dog-friendly. But if you have to live in an apt, having two big dogs may be a different story.
I have 2 big dogs and I really apreciate neighbourhoods with wide sidewalks and parks.
I would choose Palermo, Belgrano, Las cañitas, Villa Crespo near Parque centenario, colegiales...Even better the suburbs.
Friendly neighbourhood doesn´t mean your neighbours are friendly... :) But I guess if you don´t let your dogs bark after 8pm in the balcony and pick up your poop, should be fine.
:) N.