Dogs on the ferry

BA Bound Jan2010

Nov 9, 2009
Has anyone brought their dog with them on the ferry to Uruguay? If they are allowed, is there any paperwork necessary to bring so they can get into Uruguay? What about back to Buenos Aires?

Does anyone know of pet friendly hotels in Colonia? Montevideo?

Thanks in advance!
Both to and from UY.....heres the page in Spanish/English...

It's basically a health certificate + evidence of a recent rabies vacine....
Pet's ride in Buquebus ferry in cargo hold (in cages) , you can visit 'em during he trip, still a pretty noisy experience for them. However it's only 1 hr to Colonia, 3 to Mvdeo. offers door-to-door pet transport services, arranging safe, friendly domestic and international animal transportation for people.

It is a company located in BA and is a member of IPATA and can assist you with the requirements of traveling with your pets anywhere in Latin America or around the world.

You can explore any up-to-date traveling with pets rules in the BLOG

Have a safe trip where ever you go!

Senasa's web site says Fees are as follows: $15.84 pesos + $23.87 pesos for same day service.!!!

It's cheap and easy....