Donald Trump coming to Buenos Aires...

I just heard in the news that President Trump is coming to Buenos Aires in November.
He's so popular here it should be a lot of fun:rolleyes:. Just as the weather begins to warm up.
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I heard he was throwing some military parade in DC fir Putin in November too. Gonna be a busy month for the POTUS. I hope his time on the golf course doesn’t suffer.
thats predictable. he just went to russia, secured more russian money for his trump hotels, the trump hotel in buenos aires will go forward.
argentina just bought soy from the US to make the china agreement possible due to the drought. probably the last trading partner not stiffled with tariff’s
i know i reply late. trump in my mind is worse than chaney. forget george, he was a good guy with bad information. for steve, always respect your contributions and welcome them. trump is bad. it reminds of conversations with my father. he is 86 now. he always said war was good for the economy. the US is down 23,000,000,000.00 plus. this year alone, trump gave the business community 1.5 trillion in tax breaks, over spent 667 trillion this year alone, thinks a trade war is a good idea. less revenue. is war on the horizon. north korea, iran , you economist tell me how you support the debt. the US is drunk on the busines cycle. jobs a plenty, money available from the banks, all available on increased debt. start a war to cover