Early cab to airport on New Year's Day?


Oct 28, 2009
I have a 5:40 am flight on New Year's Day (I know, it's going to suck) out of the Jorge Newbery Airport and was wondering if it will be difficult to get a cab around 4 am? I have read that cabs and buses don't run on New Year's Eve...is this true?

Any recommendations on the best way to get to the Airport at this time?
If you really want to go by car, ask your local remise company whether they will be working, book your car in advance and reconfirm the booking a few days beforehand.

Manuel Tienda Leon http://www.tiendaleon.com.ar/home/home.asp# don't appear to be changing their schedules for the holiday so you could book a place on one of their overnight shuttle services or even order a remise from them.

By the way, if you do discover that MTL are cutting back on services over the holiday would you mind posting back here? My son's going to be relying on them at that time for an excruciatingly early check-in though we haven't actually made the shuttle reservation yet.
I just want to put a plug in here for WorldCar. We used to use MTL faithfully, but WorldCar has better pricing overall, and we have never had a problem with one of their drivers or vehicles. I swear I don't work for them ;)
Every radio taxi I take either has a card inside or maybe even a personal number from the driver. Arranging a ride in advance should be easy. And if you throw the driver a little tip, you have a loyal driver from then on.
I would say you would need to go to your local remis company and reserve one now.
You couls also try www.buenosairestaxis.com They have bilingual drivers but i don't know if they are working on new years eve or not.
I would think that a lot more taxis would be working on New Year's Eve than on Christmas Eve.

If they have to pick one night to work between Jesus & Fernet, I think that Jesus beats Fernet at least 7 out of 10 times.