Easter Bunny in BA?????


Apr 2, 2010
Does anyone know if the Easter Bunny comes to Buenos Aires?

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to pose the question? But we have a 7 year old (we are from San Francisco CA) and the Easter Bunny has been visiting him for the past 6 years.(kind of like Santa, but with candy)

He has been attending a public school in Palermo for the past month. (And for all I know -he may not believe in the Easter Bunny) But I want to keep my story straight (or at least come up with a good story). I don't want him to walk into class saying the Easter Bunny visited- if all the kids are going to stare at him (he is at an age where he is already self consious.)

I see all the candy eggs in the storefronts- are these from parents or from the Bunny? My apologies if you are not familiar with the custom and it sounds like gibberish. But I'd appreciate any insight.
I've talked a lot with my students about different Easter traditions this last week, and no, the Easter Bunny does not exist (sadly, in my opinion). The eggs are given to everyone, young and old. There's no special activity just for kids, either. I did teach my students how to dye eggs, though, and then we had a scavenger hunt, and they loved that! (I should mention that my students are adults.)

Hopefully you can come up with something to keep the Easter Bunny alive for your son, without making him sound like a crazy person to the other kids. Good luck!
Yesterday I discussed the subject with some Argentineans.

Maybe is it related strictly to catholicism (?) but in France, and 40 years ago in Argentina (this tradition was lost apparently), eggs were hidden in a garden (or terrace) for the kids to go search for them.
As a kid (am catholic), I remember I was told that the Vatican bells were bringing them (Didn't care much about the explanation though, obsessed with finding the eggs), I wonder if that was the same in Argentina since it's a catholic dominant country as well (like mentionned above, eggs used to be hidden for the kids here, but no more).
I think someone mentioned once here on this web site (you can do a search) that the (mostly American) Methodist Church in Acassuso, does an egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

It's a real nice Church, with a great garden surrounding it, only 2 blocks from the Acassuso station. (1/2 hour ride from Retiro)
You can also look them up and ask them directly.

Happy Easter to all.!