Eating at a boat in Puerto Madero


Apr 13, 2007
Next thursday I would like to eat at the restaurant boat in Puerto Madero.

Any body knows how to reserve?
"Port Out Starb'rd Home", that's what POSH means, isn't it? I've been told that those where the expensive seats on boats returning to the UK from India. Is that right?CheersErnie
"Fishface" said:
Any body knows how to reserve?

In nautical terms that is 'to come about' - call them and ask if you can "come about port out starb'rd home"
Which number?
Thanks for your useless reply by the way

A passenger pidgeon may also be used to reverse tables.
Ernie, POSH is indeed the best seats on the boat to New York - left side to NY - right side returning to Portsmouth - so you dont get the sun. Probably the same when the boat came to BsAs too.
Ask AuntieApple she sounds like a lady wot is very posh.
Thanks for correction. I know this is way off topic, but if you travelled by boat NYC-BUE, wouldn't you be travelling perpendicular to the sun's trajectory, and therefore getting the sun at least a few hours a day, regardless of on which side of the boat you are?Cheers!Ernie